We offer the following services:

Large Pruning

Established trees can reach to 2 story heights and above. These tall trees require special equipment and/or skills to prune properly. We have 2 Hi-Rangers and climbing personnel that are available to prune your older, taller, established trees.shutterstock_345413534

Small Pruning

Whether it be junipers that need hand tipping or shearing, shrubs that have outgrown their shape or young trees that could use structural pruning for proper growth patterns – we know how to get the proper results!




Removing trees can be as easy as one cut at the base or as complicated as the need for a crane to lift large branches and trunks safely to the ground. We have the ability to safely and effectively remove any tree.


Stump Grinding

Stump large and small – we can grind them all! We have both small and large stump grinders available to remove any stumps you may have.



Insect and Disease Control

Whether you have major insect or disease problems or you just want a routine maintenance program to control yearly insects we have a program that’s right for you. We have Certified Arborists and State licensed insect control foremen who can come up with a plan to address your individual landscape issues.


Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root feeding is beneficial to your trees and shrubs in many ways – the nitrogen helps break up our compacted clay soils and the added nutrients continue to feed roots via slow release nitrogen. Feeding promotes root growth and can help maintain a tree’s vigor. A good healthy tree in your landscape is better able to withstand stressors such as insect infestation and disease, as well as, environmental and weather related conditions.